Rate your energy efficiency


How do you know if you need to have an energy audit done?

Take a few minutes and find your gas or oil and electric bills for the past year, and visit the Energy Star’s website to compare your energy usage to comparable houses in the United States. You’ll need to provide the square footage of your house, it’s age, the number of  people living in the house, and your zip code. Your utility company can probably help if you can’t find last year’s gas and electrical usage for your house or if you’ve just recently moved into the house. The Energy Star website works with those who use up to two sources of heat, and includes natural gas, fuel oil, propane, kerosene, coal, and even wood. The site also rates all electric houses.Rate your house's energy efficiency

If your energy score falls below your expectations, contact us to evaluate your house – and your options. Before you begin bringing your house up to date and bringing your energy bills under control, you need to know where your money is best spent and how you’ll get the quickest return on your investment. You can also get an overview of applicable tax credits which will make your investment even more effective – but don’t just rely on the generic tax information; make sure you get advice from an accountant or bookkeeper in your area.

Energy solutions may range from a one day caulking and weatherstripping of the outside doors and windows to a few hours spent sealing outlets and switch plates in the exterior walls of your house. On the other end of the spectrum, your energy audit may suggest the replacement of your windows or the addition of insulation in your attic. The cost to heat and cool your house and to operated appliances will only go up over time – take a few minutes now to address those future energy costs.

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